Flip a Switch

Today was CRAZY weather at the barn. Sideways trees, Gusting Winds, Popcorn rainfall: all the scary things were out in full force.

Went to pull her out of the pasture and she & her blanket were covered in mud. The barn guys laughed at me as I walked her up to the arena

Is there a pony under there??

I scraped off as much as possible, and tacked her up. We did some walk/trot both directions, and she was super forward and "floaty", I tried to keep my aids super light.

Suddenly, there was a huge gust/creaking/popping noise that sent the two other horses in the arena flying.

And what did Tesla do?

Scary stuff don't scare me! (blows raspberries at arena monsters)

Absolutely nothing.

Finally, after over 3 months of regular riding, the switch flipped in Tesla's brain, and now she trusts me as her rider to keep her safe, even in scary situations, and even if other horses are panicky.

This is a HUGE step forward, and I can't wait to see what things are yet to come!


  1. yay Tesla for behaving like a grown up horse! my mare will still spook and startle - but her 'flipped switch' was that she can actually recover and move on from the spook now, rather than completely melting down. it's a good feeling :)


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