While I've been benched from the barn for a few days, recovering from the worst cold ever and holed up in a vapo-rub-ricola-ibupropfen haze I've been getting my equestrian fix virtually.

link here
Some good things to keep in mind when working with babies :)

I also may or may not have gone on a Peaky Blinders Netflix binge....

spurred by the opening scene.

I mean who could resist this:

I was surprised to see an era appropriate horse - he is supposed to be a racehorse, and yes he looks very thoroughbred-y! He is obviously older (I'm looking at you deep depressions above the eyes) but he still cuts an impressive figure! The bridle looks legit too, flat workman-like leather with no frills.



  1. I still want a flat bridle for showing in. It was something I had originally contemplated with Carlos, getting a flat hunt bridle.


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